TECHSTRUCTIONThe Motherboard Approach

The Building industry is responsible for 39% of the worlds of carbon emissions, which is more than the automobile & manufacturing industry put together.

Our Data driven Techstruction allows us to create complete ecosystems for Net Zero communities, using digital construction technology to build sustainable recycled steel frame houses made from retired automobiles. Not only are our frames structurally superior then typical wooden frames they are 20X stronger. Saving 50 to 60 mature trees per 2,500 square foot house we construct.

• Offsite Component Manufacturing: Components of the cold formed steel frame structure are manufactured offsite for improved efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness.

• Advanced Cold Formed Steel Software (FRAMECAD): Advanced software like FRAMECAD enhances design accuracy and effectiveness, optimizing structural integrity and

• Gravity and Seismic Design: Buildings are engineered to withstand gravity loads and seismic forces, ensuring stability and safety during earthquakes or other seismic events.

• Healthier Living Environment: Cold formed steel structures prevent mold and allergen growth, providing a healthier living environment by avoiding issues related to rot, mold,
and indoor air quality.