Techstruction The Motherboard Approach

Steel Frame Home

The Building industry is responsible for 39% of the worlds of carbon emissions, which is more than the automobile & manufacturing industry put together.

Our Data driven Techstruction allows us to create complete ecosystems for Net Zero communities, using digital construction technology to build sustainable recycled steel frame houses made from retired automobiles. Not only are our frames structurally superior then typical wooden frames they are 20X stronger. Saving 50 to 60 mature trees per 2,500 square foot house we construct.

• Offsite Component Manufacturing: Components of the cold formed steel frame structure are manufactured offsite for improved efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness.

• Advanced Cold Formed Steel Software (FRAMECAD): Advanced software like FRAMECAD enhances design accuracy and effectiveness, optimizing structural integrity and performance.

• Gravity and Seismic Design: Buildings are engineered to withstand gravity loads and seismic forces, ensuring stability and safety during earthquakes or other seismic events.

• Healthier Living Environment: Cold formed steel structures prevent mold and allergen growth, providing a healthier living environment by avoiding issues related to rot, mold, and indoor air quality.
  • Weather Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Mold Resistant
  • Foundation Friendly
Benefits of Steel:

Weather Resistant

Steel stands out for its exceptional durability, capable of enduring extreme weather conditions ranging from heavy snowfalls and high winds to severe storms and hurricanes. This durability factor makes steel homes a dependable and secure option for area prone to harsh weather, providing homeowners with peace of mind and long-term stability.

Benefits of Steel:

Fire Resistant

Steel homes offer excellent fire resistance due to their non-combustible nature, making them a safer option in areas prone to fires. This innate quality of steel not only enhanced the safety of the building and its occupants but also has the potential to lower insurance costs. This combination of safety and economic advantages makes steel structures an attractive choice.

Benefits of Steel:

Mold Resistant

Steel construction in homes excels in mold resistance since steel dosen't hold moisture like traditional building materials do. This unique trait significantly slashes the chances of mold growth, ensuring a healthier living space and cutting down on long-term maintenance problems related to mold.

Benefits of Steel:

Foundation Friendly

Steel frames offer combines strength with lightness, reducing stress on foundations and minimizing setting. they resist warping, rot, pests and fire hazards, ensuring durability and safety. Their strength-to-weight ratio allows for flexible designs and spacious interiors, perfect for modern construction needs.

Living in a Netzehome means embracing a lifestyle of efficiency and sustainability. Our homes are designed with cutting-edge energy-efficient solutions that lead to a 40% reduction in energy bills. Experience the luxury of a comfortable living space while enjoying significant savings on your monthly expenses.

Green Legacy:
850 Trees Saved

In our 17-home cul de sac, by opting for steel construction instead of traditional wood framing, we have saved approximately 850 trees. This is a significant environmental contribution, considering that an average 2500 square foot house typically uses around 50 trees. Our approach not only conserves natural resources but also underlines our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly building practices.